• Interior Design

    The interior design team offers a range of services within the realm of interior design, including textiles, spatial design, interior styling, selection of materials and finishes for floors, ceilings, walls for inside and outside.

    Inspired by the natural world we encourage the development of an interior that embraces comfort, luxury and warmth. DURIE DESIGN has an interest in materials and finishes that allow a seamless passage and blurring of boundaries between the interior and exterior.

    We pride ourselves on delivering unique and innovative design solutions and being able to connect people with nature through the creation of functional and inspiring indoor (and outdoor) spaces.

    “Aside from the clothes we wear, the most immediate extension of ourselves is the space we inhabit.  Within that space there is a dialogue between form and content – the coming together of the mental and the ornamental.  Interior design equals interior life and it should be a meaningful, rich and beautiful experience”  – Jamie Durie

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