Hayman Island Resort Upgrade

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Here at Durie Design we get to work on some amazing projects! One of our most recent completed projects is the Hayman Island Resort UpgradeĀ (refurbishment following Cyclone Yassi). We were brought on to rethink the way the open space was utilised on the island with a focus on the ways in which the guests can use the spaces.

One of the biggest elements of the project was the planting- over 35,000 individual tropical plants (made up of over 5,000 species) were bought onto the island and planted all over the island. This includes detailed planting of epiphytes, orchids and rare palms throughout the resort space.

We also designed a number of multi-use open spaces that utilise existing landscape features to create intimate spaces for a few people, which then double as function spaces for large groups. Our feature custom gabion bowls, design for exclusive use on Hayman Island, have also helped establish a hierarchy of spaces throughout the island and double as landmarks.

Here is a sneak peak from our teams latest site visitā€¦